International program

We offer a carefully balanced program that allows all children to unlock their potential. Our international program has the following advantages:

Widely accepted qualification

Our graduates obtain a qualification* accepted by virtually all universities in Europe. Whether you want to continue at a top university in the Netherlands, Germany or other EU nation, our widely accepted qualification can increase your chances of securing an offer.

Support for international students

International students feel safe in our welcoming and inclusive environment. Our dedicated tutors are ready to resolve all challenges that international students might face.

Exceptional leisure activities

Lots of outdoor spaces located on our campus improve the wellbeing of students and staff. Extracurricular activities such as golf offer great opportunities for socialising and creating lifelong friendships.

Focus on personal development

Subjects like international relations and economics are taught in English. Our passionate teachers ensure that all students have equal opportunities to prosper in every subject.


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Ratio of international students



Number of languages taught


* Our high school is accredited by the Ministry of Education, science, research and sport of the Slovak Republic to award a school leaving qualification called maturita which is accepted by most universities in Europe, USA and Australia. For instance, the National Academic Recognition Information Centre for the Netherlands compares maturita with a Dutch school leaving qualification:

In terms of level, the Vysvedčenie o maturitnej skúške obtained at a Gymnázium, is comparable to a VWO diploma.

Nuffic: the Dutch organisation for internationalisation in education (source)

Your diploma (Vysvedčenie o maturitnej skúške) can give you access to an academic bachelor’s programme in the Netherlands and, by extension, to Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Erasmus University Rotterdam

A Vysvedčenie o Maturitnej skúške, from a Gymnázium, is the minimum requirement in order to be admitted to a Bachelor’s programme.

University of Amsterdam

For students from Slovakia, a secondary school diploma equivalent to the Dutch pre-university „VWO“ diploma is required with certain final examination subjects, like a Vysvedčenie o Maturitnej Skúške of a Gymnázium.

Delft University of Technology

Erasmus University Rotterdam has a Central Admissions Office, specializing in international diplomas. They have compiled a list of the most common international and foreign diplomas that meet the minimum admission requirements. Your diploma is on this list, stated as follows: Vysvedčenie o Maturitnej Skúške from a Gymnázium.

Erasmus University Rotterdam


If you have any questions or if you would like to see our campus, please let us know.